​We will be celebrating Christmas at Brentor Church, and everyone is very welcome to join in with us. While we do not know what the regulations will be at any stage, we will keep this page updated regularly!

You can find our special online Brentor Advent Calendar here!

Epiphany Carol Service

Online-only Christmas Day Carol Service

Sunday 27th December – 1st Sunday of Christmas

Family Service in Christ Church at 9:45am, which will also be available online later in the day

The Brentor Children’s Nativity

Christmas Day Carol Service

Online Advent Reflections

A message from your curates, Rosie and Hazel. 

Together we have prepared a series of online reflections for Advent, inspired by IgnatianGospel contemplation. Using your imagination we will encourage you to prayerfully immerse yourselves in St Luke’s account of the Nativity, but since this is no ordinary Advent season we will be beginning with reflections on Jesus, Prince of Peace, calming the storm. In the first session Hazel will be leading everyone throughthe Gospel account of Jesus calming the storm, helping you to relive the story in your imagination  but we are going to encourage you to experience this form of meditation for yourself. 

We will be sending out emails when the online sessions are ready to view. We will also attach the reading and some other resource material, but you may like to have a Bible and a lighted candle near you too.

This is an Advent like no other. Advent should be a time of waiting, a time of preparation for the great feast of Christmas. This year, with lockdown, it is different and our time of waiting is very real, very clearly defined as we wait for the coronavirus pandemic to be over; waiting for the storm to pass. Many cry out to God, asking ‘when will this all end?’ Others, like the disciples on the boat, are even praying ‘Lord, do you not care that we are perishing?’

The storm has been such a significant theme this year we are going to begin our Advent reflections with Jesus in the storm but we will also be reflecting on the turmoil Mary went through pregnant but unmarried. In the week before Christmas we will travel to Bethlehem and we plan to do one more after Christmas- in the Temple with Simeon and Anna. 

We hope you will find the reflections worthwhile and enjoyable.

As you set aside time to pause and listen to God this Advent, acknowledging God’s presence, be assured our Lord delights that you are spending time with him and longs to reveal something special to you.

Brentor Advent and Christmas Services

1st Sunday of Advent – 29th November