Advent Calendar

Welcome to our special online Brentor Advent Calendar!

23rd December – O Holy Night

22nd December – BC/AD

21st December 2020 – the Brentor Crib

20th December – The Darkling Thrush

19th December – Christmas

18th December – the Journey of the Magi

17th December – The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came…

16th December – A Reflection on Covid Vaccination, Teamwork, and being on God’s team

15th December – A Christmas Carol

14th December – Baking Christmas Gifts

Sally busy baking more gifts to give out and behind the camera, her friend Lisa.

13th December – Christingle

You can watch the full Christingle service here.

12th December – Happy Christmas from Kenya

11th December – Little Donkey

10th December – Sheep and their Shepherds

9th December – Ephraim of Syria

8th December – A Child’s Christmas in Wales

7th December – Love your Neighbour

6th December – Lighting the Second Advent Candle

5th December – The Christmas Tree

4th December – The Lord’s My Shepherd

3rd December 2020 – Light in the Darkness

2nd December 2020 – A Christmas Hallelujah

1st December 2020 – Looking towards Christmas