Epiphany – a reflection on the coming of the Magi

We often think about Epiphany – if we think about it at all! – as being the end of Christmas. And so it is, technically – it is its own festival season. In the church, we celebrate Christmas from Christmas Day until “12thnight” – the 5th of January – and then Epiphany from 6thJanuary until Candlemas, at the beginning of February. Collectively, the two seasons are sometimes known as “Christmastide”.

Epiphany completes the traditional “nativity” scene – the arrival of the “Three Kings” or Magi. They come, they leave their gifts, and they go back home. Thus they neatly complete Isaiah’s prophecy and our crib scenes. 

But I think there is much more to be learnt from them than that cosy image of Mary and Joseph, shepherds, Magi and Christ-child.

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