Reflecting God’s Love

How do we share God’s presence with others? It is this difficult question I found myself discussing with friends recently. It is all too easy to place yourself and what you do at the centre of everything – after all surely it was my hard work that meant that the last person came back to church. How wonderful I was! I take a step back, see my pride and decide to become less physically involved. So I pray. But no one comes and I feel the call to do something. So where does this leave us?

For many people existing in the shadows, they have no idea of God’s loving presence. They are stuck in a perpetual and never ending night. But why would they see this as a problem – after all this is all they have ever known. To suggest the existence of God – a massive bright light giving life and hope – seems like a completely alien idea. So how are we to reach these people and show them the hope of the risen Jesus? Like Jesus has shown us generous and unquestioning love, so we must show this to others. Whilst in the night people do not see the sun – but they do see the moon. It is our role in life as Christians to be the moon to these people, reflecting the love and hope of God. It is something we can all do no matter where we are – in the shop, at work, at church, with our families and our friends. In fact, we must – if we don’t, how will the people in darkness ever know about the light?

If we know that God is the bright sun in our life, it is our job to be the moon and show the pale reflection of his love to all those in darkness so they know they can step out and feel the full brightness of his love.

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